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Sweatshirts & Knitwear

Van casual sweaters en hoodies tot de mooie fijn gebreide truien en vesten. Bij Boston Trader vindt je een groot assortiment truien voor iedere gelegenheid. Ben je naar iets sportiefs en casuals op zoek? Bekijk dan ons aanbod van onder andere Stone Island, C.P. Company, Ralph Lauren en Wahts. Op zoek naar een trui of vest die je gekleed kan dragen? Bekijk dan ons exclusieve aanbod aan truien en vesten van onder andere Giorgio Armani, Cellini, Doriani en Daniele Fiesoli!


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  1. New!
    Stone Island Sweatshirt 62420 - Sage Green
    stone island sweatshirt 62420 - sage green
    As low as €270.00
  2. New!
    Stone Island Sweatshirt 62420 - Plaster
    stone island sweatshirt 62420 - plaster
    As low as €270.00
  3. New!
    Stone Island Pullover 526A1 - Black
    stone island pullover 526a1 - black
    As low as €365.00
  4. New!
    Etro Knitted Kimono Cardigan - Blue
    etro knitted kimono cardigan - blue
    As low as €909.30
  5. New!
    Stone Island Cardigan 542B2 - Grey
    stone island cardigan 542b2 - grey
    As low as €390.00
  6. New!
    Stone Island Cardigan 542B2 - Black
    stone island cardigan 542b2 - black
    As low as €390.00
  7. New!
    Doriani Cashmere Overshirt - Navy
    doriani cashmere overshirt - navy
    As low as €489.00
  8. New!
    Fedeli Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater - Beige
    fedeli cashmere half-zip sweater - beige
    As low as €745.00
  9. New!
    Fedeli Cashmere Sweater - Lime
    fedeli cashmere sweater - lime
    As low as €599.00
  10. New!
    Fedeli Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Taupe
    fedeli cashmere/silk pullover - taupe
    As low as €549.00
  11. New!
    Fedeli Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Pink
    fedeli cashmere/silk pullover - pink
    As low as €549.00
  12. New!
    Cellini Full Zip Cardigan - Beige
    cellini full zip cardigan - beige
    As low as €329.00
  13. New!
    Cellini Knitted Sweater - Pistache
    cellini knitted sweater - pistache
    As low as €259.00
  14. New!
    Cellini Knitted Sweater - Grey
    cellini knitted sweater - grey
    As low as €259.00
  15. Doriani Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Beige
    doriani cashmere/silk pullover - beige
    As low as €399.00
  16. Doriani Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Taupe
    doriani cashmere/silk pullover - taupe
    As low as €399.00
  17. Doriani Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Brown
    doriani cashmere/silk pullover - brown
    As low as €399.00
  18. Doriani Cashmere/Silk Pullover - Grey
    doriani cashmere/silk pullover - grey
    As low as €399.00
  19. RRD Cardigan Full Zip - Off-White
    rrd cardigan full zip - off-white
    As low as €249.00
  20. Ralph Lauren Pique Sweater - White
    ralph lauren pique sweater - white
    As low as €189.00
  21. Ralph Lauren Western Denim Shirt -  Blue
    ralph lauren western denim shirt - blue
    As low as €199.00
  22. Moorer Dominic-HN Cardigan - Blue
    moorer dominic-hn cardigan - blue
    As low as €999.00
  23. Cellini Cardigan Zip - Sand
    cellini cardigan zip - sand
    As low as €279.00
  24. Cellini Cardigan Zip - Light Blue
    cellini cardigan zip - light blue
    As low as €279.00
  25. Cellini Cardigan Zip - Light Green
    cellini cardigan zip - light green
    As low as €279.00
  26. Cellini Cardigan Zip - Dark Blue
    cellini cardigan zip - dark blue
    As low as €279.00
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